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Belly dancing history indicates that the origins are very hard to trace. Some documentation of ancient Roman and Greek dance forms describe the moves of the belly dance. From where the trail can actually be picked is the Middle East and Asia (egyptian belly dance, turkish belly dance). In the Arab countries and Middle East, Belly dance is a form of folk dance and is an important part of celebrations and festivals.


Learn How to Belly Dance

Anyone can want to learn belly dancing for various reasons, not necessarily professional. Dance is a form of expression and freedom. There are so many types of dance but belly dance is very sensual and appealing. If you are fascinated by this form of dance and want to learn it, there are several different ways you can do it.

You can take professional belly dancing classes, get Belly Dancing videos or books and learn how to belly dance. But here is something that is better than any of these and will teach you to belly dance perfectly in a little time.


The MasterClass

This is the name of the most comprehensive and detailed belly dancing class you will ever find. This is a set of some 50 belly dancing tutorial videos. These videos will teach you everything there is to know about belly dancing. The run time of the videos is 8 hours. The first two hours will teach you all the basics of belly dancing. The beauty of these dance classes is that they are suitable for everyone. A beginner will benefit from them as much as an advanced dancer will in order to review or polish some of the techniques.

This awesome Belly Dancing MasterClass is the result of 5 years of hard work of Mariella Monroe. Mariella has been dancing for seventeen years and has performed round the globe. She runs a belly dancing studio in California.

It was her observation that students who came to the studio to learn belly dancing often felt flustered and conscious while dancing in presence of other people. Others could not manage because of busy schedules and long commutes. This got her thinking. Why not design a program that could help anyone to learn belly dancing from the privacy of their homes without spending a lot of money. And so, this is how she came up with the Belly Dancing course.


What Led Mariella Monroe to Compile this Belly Dancing Course?

When Mariella had the idea of compiling a belly dancing course, she started with buying every belly dancing tutorial DVD she could find. She wanted to see how she could come up with something different and perfect.

The flaw she found in those video tutorials was that they did not cover the dance moves from different angles. The shots were taken from a distance and they only covered some moves of the dance. Most of these tutorials covered one or two of the styles. Also the DVD lessons were not interactive and if the student had a question there was no way to find an answer. Her observation was that a newbie dancer could easily get an injury without the right guidance and training.

So Mariella set on a mission to compile a training program that was complete and comprehensive and taught all major types of belly dancing steps along with various different combinations. After 5 years of hard work, she finally came up with what has been termed as the “fastest way for anyone to master belly dancing” by the Cosmopolitan Magazine in 2012.

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What Makes Mariella Monroe’s Belly Dancing Course Unique and Perfect?

The whole program consists of 50 tutorial videos. This makes total run time of 50 hours. The best thing about the videos is that there is nothing haphazard about the videos; everything is systematic and very detailed and even the first time learners will not have any difficulty in understanding what to do. The instructions are very clear and step by step, which leaves no confusion.

Three different teachers teach the various dance moves and combinations. Apart from the fact that these teachers teach 5 major belly dancing styles, there are tutorials for more than forty isolated movements. All of these movements are explained by the teachers in words and by visual aids. A great advantage is that all the basic movements of belly dance are covered within the first two hours so you will be up on your feet in very little time.

The beauty of the tutorials is that they are suitable for the beginners and pros as well. Beginners can learn the basics and move on to advanced levels while pros can polish and master their dance moves.


The steps are engaging and fun filled and there is some great music, which is globally acclaimed. The five dance styles that are taught in the dance program are Egyptian Oriental, Gothic Tribal Fusion, American Cabaret, U.S Tribal and Turkish Didem.

You can get instant access to all these videos online or you can buy the DVD pack. Both ways, you will get the membership and can directly communicate with Mariella Monroe herself.

Belly Dance Class

When you are through, you will be able to perform Shivers, shimmy and twists, pelvic tilts and figure eights, torso rotations and undulations and many challenging hip movements; in short, you will be able to perform all the moves of 5 major belly dancing styles.


Belly Dancing Benefits

Belly dancing has countless benefits. On the physical level, it brings suppleness to body, and firms and tones the muscles. Belly dancing for half an hour, 4 days a week is a complete work out and will provide all the benefits of any regular exercise. Belly dancing in pregnancy helps in child birth since it strengthens the pelvic floor and muscles.

Psychologically, it helps in relieving stress and depression. Women who start belly dancing report that they feel sensual and more confident in their bodies. This helps in improving their self esteem.

Hence, if you are looking for good belly Dancing Lessons there is nothing better than Mariella Monroe’s Belly Dancing Lessons.